Building CD Key Miner From Source

Recently the CD Key Miner client was released as open source software, under the LGPL license. In this post, we explain how to compile your own version – from installing Visual Studio, to fetching the code, to actually building the .exe files. You can use the source code to create your own custom themes, to change how the program works, to apply custom options to miner plug-ins, etc.


Setting up Visual Studio

During the installation, when asked about Workloads, you have to select “.NET desktop development”:

Getting the Source Code

When Visual Studio starts, in the window that lets you open a project, choose “Clone a repository”:

Under “Repository location”, enter:

…and click “Clone”.

When this is finished, double-click the “.sln” file in the sidebar:

You should now have access to the entire source code of CD Key Miner:

Building CD Key Miner

By default, the project will open with “Debug” build configuration – debug builds try to connect to localhost, so you won’t be able to connect with your normal account from the website.

If you want to use your version of CD Key Miner to actually mine games on the site, then you have to change the build configuration to “Release”:

Release builds actually connect to the live server.

You can then open the “Build” menu and choose “Build solution”:

Where are the Files?

You can right-click the solution in Solution Explorer and choose “Open Folder in File Explorer:

Then navigate to “CDKeyMiner” > “bin” > “Release”.

If you did everything correctly, you should now have a working version of CD Key Miner:

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