The App
Our software is a cryptocurrency miner app. When you install it and press “start”, you mine the most profitable crypto (for example Ethereum) and then you get paid in tokens, which you can use to redeem games. You could also do this manually, but here it’s really simplified – you don’t need to set up wallets, make accounts on exchanges, pay transaction fees, etc. – you just click one button, and then later you can order a game, and receive the key by email.
Know the Costs

So you don’t need to pay? How much electricity does cryptomining use?

No, you don’t need to pay anything. Or rather you pay by mining cryptocurrency. Then, the site is like any other shop - you use your balance to order a game, and we send you the key via email. No exchanges, no nothing. You only pay your electricity bill. For example, one of the most powerful GPUs nowaydays – Nvidia 3080 uses around $0.55 cents to mine Ethereum all day long and earns ten times as much.
The Currency

What cryptocurrency does the miner mine?

With our Dynamyc Reward System this is different for every PC-System. Our software decides what’s most profitable for your system. For example, if your GPU RAM is > 6 GB you mine Ethereum. If GPU RAM is < 6 GB you mine Ethereum Classic or some other cryptocurrency.
The Economy

Why do the prices of games change frequently in the game dashboard?

Mining rewards are paid in CDKTs (cdkeyTokens). CDKT is backed by a cryptocurrency (currently Ethereum), and its value fluctuates together with the value of the underlying cryptocurrency. This causes game prices, which are based on USD, to sometimes change significantly (up or down).
Redeem Games
Our app allows users to skip the somewhat abstruse process of setting up different wallets, troubleshooting individual miners, and evaluating what cryptocurrency yields the best profits. The app does all of that for you, and it automatically converts it into CDKT balance you can spend immediately, instead of crypto which you have to exchange or find a suitable vendor.

Download our app now!

We charge 0% mining fees and buy our games in bulk to offer the best possible prices!